Buying a vehicle has to be done with a lot of care and research.

This is where potential car buyers struggle. It’s not easy to know where to look and what to consider when it comes to a job such as this one.

This is why more and more people are starting to use Edmunds. This is an all-encompassing platform that allows you to go through different types of cars before making a purchase.

Here is a look at what Edmunds is all about and whether or not it is a good option for your car buying needs.

How the Edmunds Car Buying Process Works

1. Detailed Inventory

It all starts with the inventory on Edmunds.

This is a platform that has a long list of vehicles that come from across the region. You can easily filter through all of the options and find the ones that are closer to you.

For those who are willing to travel a bit, you can also increase the range for where you are willing to go to buy the vehicle.

This simplifies the process because it is a lot easier to have all of the available vehicles in one place rather than on separate platforms.

It’s easier to take advantage of something like this.

2. Built-in Calculator

The calculator is impressive and is a big part of the buying process.

Most buyers are going to want to take a look at how much they can afford when it comes to financing and/or leasing a vehicle. This means going through the affordability calculator, filling in the data points, and going from there.

The benefits include:

  • Easy to Use
  • Quick Feedback
  • Leads to Quality Vehicles

You are going to get a much better read on what the investment is going to be like before moving forward. This will save a lot of time and is going to put your mind at ease as a potential car buyer.

This alone makes it a powerful platform to use to buy a vehicle.

3. Specialized Filters

You are going to have a wide array of filters available to you.

This allows buyers to go through and choose the type of filters that work best for them. This can include the color, model, make, and anything else that is going to matter to you.

A lot of people think about these details and don’t know where to begin. By having these filters in place, you are going to fine-tune what you are looking at and how it all comes together.

4. Comparable Options

There are so many vehicles to go through and most buyers are going to get confused. Edmunds tries to make this as simple as it should be.

This includes offering access to a long list of vehicles that are available in the area. This makes it simpler to go through and start comparing the different vehicles based on what you are on the lookout for.

The benefits include:

  • Lots of Options
  • Easy to Compare
  • Fast

When you are trying to do this on your own, it will take a lot of time. This is just not a good use of your time at all.

It is better to go through Edmunds and compare the different vehicles.

5. Offers

You are going to want to start making offers and that is where Edmunds will come in handy. You can go through the platform and find your way to making the offer.

It is this straightforward and that will ensure you directly connect with the person that is responsible for selling the vehicle.

There is no roundabout way of doing this and that is great. This is where Edmunds shines because you are going to want the ability to buy the vehicle quickly rather than having to deal with multiple parties along the way.

Why Edmunds is a Good Place to Buy a Vehicle

1. Lots of Options

It is the options that will always win you over as a potential car buyer.

Edmunds is wonderful because you are not going to be restricted to specific options. Instead, you are going to have a lot of options to choose from and each one is going to be unique.

This means you can compare the mileage, safety, quality, and/or features. Just having the ability to do this is empowering and is going to feed you a lot of information over the long term.

You will enjoy all that comes along with it.

2. Loads of Information

The amount of information that you are going to get will work out well.

You are not going to be restricted when it comes to the amount of information that is available to you. This can include when the car was made, how it has held up, its features, and of course pricing.

The benefits include:

  • Up-To-Date Details
  • Localized
  • Easy to Understand

This is the type of information that you are going to crave as a car buyer.

It’s not easy to get all of this information on your own through other sources. Edmunds makes it a lot easier to get to the bottom of things without wasting effort or time.

3. Easy to Filter

The filtering process is one of those things that people will want to think about.

You don’t want a situation where it is not easy to filter. This is a real concern and it is something that will matter when you are trying to buy a car.

You want to filter down to the last detail and that is possible through Edmunds. You are not going to have to take a lot of time to make it happen. Within seconds, you can narrow your search down to a few cars if that is what you want to do.

4. Car Affordability Calculator

They have a car affordability calculator that is empowering.

This calculator allows you to see how much you can afford. This matters when it comes to quality, efficiency, and overall value.

The benefits include:

  • Easy to Operate
  • Immediate Information
  • Customizable

Just take the time to go through the various inputs and learn more about what you can afford.

It sheds a lot of light on what your options are as a buyer.

5. True Market Value

You are going to want to know the Edmunds true market value of a vehicle.

This is possible with the help of Edmunds. They have a built-in true market value feature that sheds light on what the car is actually worth when compared to other similar options in the area.

6. Verified

Choosing a verified platform is a must and that is what you are going to get here.

Edmunds has several filters in place to make sure viable cars are getting through. They also have a professional team that runs the operations from the backend.

This is good as it will ensure you are looking at vehicles that are the real deal.

The benefits include:

  • Prompt
  • Safe
  • Constant Updates

Why go with something that is not easy to sift through or verify?

This is not going to be a problem with Edmunds and for a lot of people, this is an ideal benefit. It is something that you are going to enjoy.

7. Easy to Compare

It is essential to understand how easy it is to compare different vehicles when you are using a platform such as this.

Edmunds is useful because you can compare vehicles across different metrics. These metrics are key in determining what is good and what is not for your needs.

Whether this includes the engine size, make, model, or anything else, you will know it is easy to get to those comparison points with the help of Edmunds. The filtering options are great and you are not going to be wasting a lot of time during the process.

This is ideal for those who want to compare as many cars as possible.

Do Dealers Use Edmunds?

Dealers will often integrate their inventory with Edmunds.

This is a great way for them to get out in front of potential buyers in seconds. A lot of cars are sold in this manner because buyers are ready to buy as they are going through Edmunds.

For the average dealer, it is a great option that can elevate the number of leads they get per day. It is also a wonderful way to see what other dealers are doing and that can improve how quickly sales go through.

You will often see dealers mentioning specific rates that are found on these platforms too.


Buying a car is one of the most important decisions a person can make.

This is why it’s essential to find the right place to do your research and find a worthwhile car. There are so many options to go through and you are going to be confused about which option is the best.

Edmunds is a great fit for those who want to keep things as simple as possible. Use all of its features and take advantage of how the platform works.